We specialize in Business Identity consulting.

We implement Branding Methods for global companies, organizations, and institutions to createbrand identities and innovations, durable and authentic experiences and cultural transformation.  

We are a multinational
consulting corporation
headquartered in Shanghai.

We are in New York.

We are in Paris.

We are in Singapore.

We are in Vancouver.

Our CEO and Founder

Vladimir Djurovic

Vladimir Djurovic, CEO of Labbrand Group, is a multi-skilled leader with a background in Engineering, Applied Mathematics and Management Science, as well as a creative mind in the arts and humanities.

Fluent in five languages and regularly featured in top global media outlets such as BBC, CNN, and Forbes, Vladimir is a true brand and business magician, constantly innovating to drive brand success. He is an authentic business partner and collaborator, as evidenced by Labbrand Group’s partnerships with global Fortune 500 companies, industry leaders, fast-growing giants, and non-profit organizations.

We care about every aspect of the company’s prosperity.


We offer comprehensive consultancy on Naming, Branding and Innovations to create and develop impactful brands. We unlock value through our seamless coordination of insights, strategy, naming and design.


We integrate our capabilities in Experience Strategy & Management, in Brand Communication; in Digital, Spatial and UX Design; and in Innovation to deliver a unique and consistent Brand Experience.


We offer 360 services to build an Innovation Culture in your company by combining actionable, active and modern organization transformation programs, specialized trainings, future-proof corporate communication services and employer branding that authentically connects your employee to your Business Identity.

Our Dedication and Commitment to Excellence

We Don’t Change the World, But Our Clients Do

Leverage technology to unleash the human genius and power.

We believe TECH - fueled future should bring the world with more beauty, uniqueness, evolvement.

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