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Henkel’s Employer Branding and Employment Experience Strategy

Founded in 1876, Henkel is a multinational group that owns various brands, including the world-famous hair care brand Schwarzkopf, as well as brands such as Pesil, Loctite, Combat, Dial and Syoss.

The Opportunity in Front

As Henkel’s consumer-oriented business grows, they are becoming increasingly in demand of talents of various calibers. But as a company started out with its detergent products, Henkel’s unrefreshed employer brand image linked to its traditional chemical business makes it a conventional and somewhat uninteresting work choice for modern day talents. They are now on an imperative mission to elevate and promote their employer brand image to attract target talents.

The Journey from Insight to Impact

Since 2021, Henkel has partnered with Labbrand Group to embark on a strategic collaboration aimed at transforming its employer brand. This collaboration encompasses various initiatives, including target audience profiling, employer brand experience building, multi-platform promotion strategy development, and the creation of a 5-year roadmap for employer brand construction. With a shared vision to resonate with potential talents, the journey began.

1.Locating the rights talents

The first step of the journey involved a comprehensive examination of Henkel’s diverse business portfolio to identify target talent groups in the APAC region. These groups were categorized into four distinct segments, enabling precise positioning. An important insight emerged: competitive talents prioritize emotional values, seeking a deeper connection and shared purpose. This valuable insight informed Henkel’s employer brand experience strategy. Furthermore, our team identified internal and external touchpoints, such as social media promotions and campus recruitment activities, to enhance talent engagement.

2.Talent journey optimization

The second stage focused on optimizing the talent journey. Working closely with Henkel’s Center of Expertise (CoE) department, we divided the journey into six stages to address the emotional needs of candidates and existing employees throughout their career span at Henkel. Tailored actions were recommended to establish Henkel as a compelling employer brand, fostering talent recognition and retention. Notably, Henkel’s commitment to diversity and inclusion was highlighted, with 125 ethnicities represented among their employees in 79 countries/regions. Additionally, 37% of leadership positions were held by women, reflecting their determination to combat prejudice and discrimination. A series of videos were produced to showcase these values, inspiring pride among employees and fostering a culture of inclusivity.

3.Multi-channel promotion

The next phase involved reaching the desired audience through an analysis of popular social platforms and job boards in Greater China. Henkel’s promotion strategies were optimized on each platform to increase visibility, brand impact, and effectively communicate the Employee Value Proposition (EVP) to the target group. Extensive research on the preferences of East Asian Gen-Z/Y revealed a preference for hand-painted comic-style visuals with bright colors and resonating storytelling.

4.Five-year roadmap: a long-term strategy to make Henkel shine

In the final stage of the journey, a comprehensive five-year strategic roadmap was developed for Henkel, encompassing both online and offline touchpoints. The roadmap was divided into three stages: Maintain, Expand, and Shine, ensuring a sustained focus on employer branding. With a clear direction for employer brand promotion, Henkel is committed to being an inclusive employer that embraces talents from different generations.

The Value Created

Throughout this journey of Henkel’s employer brand revitalization, Labbrand Group is Labbrand Group is proud to be part of the process of helping Henkel steer towards a better employer brand from within. By clarifying the EVP strategy and aligning it with the needs of the younger generation, the core values of Henkel’s culture were emphasized and effectively communicated across multiple platforms, fostering two-way communication and understanding. Importantly, the development of a long-term employer branding roadmap ensures that these efforts go beyond short-term buzz, establishing a commitment to consistency and coherence both internally and externally.