Globalization and Localization

Aim for the Mountain Top

XCMG Brand Globalization Development

Opportunity in Front

XCMG, the world’s third-largest construction machinery company, is poised to accelerate its development and expand globally. With its sights set on the high-end markets in Europe and the United States, XCMG aims to lead the industry with its mature brand and brand-building strategies. To achieve this, XCMG has partnered with Labbrand Group to construct its global brand strategy for the high-end and international market.

The Journey from Insights to Impact

Our collaboration with XCMG began with a thorough understanding of its business strategy, core strengths, and pain points, gained through one-on-one interviews with senior internal leaders and industry experts in the target market.
Based on these insights, we developed a new brand positioning that aligns XCMG with market demand. Once the brand core was determined, we created the brand image, including the brand message structure, logo, and brand story, which were tailored to global audiences.

Next, we developed an informative communication strategy that spanned the exploration stage to the maturity stage. By conducting a comprehensive analysis of benchmark cases from different activities such as exhibitions, factory visits, and magazine advertisements, we established three stages of communication themes for XCMG, which were closely linked to its upcoming local activities.

In the final phase, we assisted XCMG in rebuilding its employer brand and group corporate culture manual to better communicate its corporate culture and values globally and strengthen communication and connection with overseas employees. This established a solid foundation for branding and ensured a more comprehensive approach to global brand building.

Value Created through Globalization and Localization

XCMG’s globalization strategy has been underway for 10 years, and through the integration of global resources into its construction machinery industry value chain, it has established a vast multinational operating system that dominates the international market. The strategic cooperation in global brand building will provide a solid foundation for XCMG to respond to global industry transformation and emerging trends, establishing a new high-end and international brand image.