Innovation and Transformation

Innovation Highway

Porsche Service and Experience Innovation

Porsche China, in partnership with the Labbrand Group, embarked on an innovation journey to revolutionize the brand experience through product service innovation. The projects aimed to create exceptional experiences, strengthen customer connections, and provide insights into future innovation possibilities.

The Opportunity in Front

Porsche identified the potential to create unique brand experiences for the Taycan and enhance dealership interactions through innovative experiences. The focus was on exploring future avenues for innovation, with a specific emphasis on understanding the perspective of Generation Z. Consequently, Porsche developed the Porsche Card Battle Game, a mobile gaming experience that immerses auto enthusiasts in the essence of the Porsche brand. Additionally, Porsche aspired to transform into a fully digitalized 360-degree brand, igniting a desire to embrace the “Porsche Lifestyle” in both the physical and digital realms. This vision led to the creation of a virtual influencer character, further enhancing the brand’s presence.

The Journey from Insight to Impact

Porsche China established the Innovators@Porsche program to foster a culture of innovation. In close collaboration, the Labbrand Group crafted a dynamic brand experience that captivates customers and streamlines the sales process by seamlessly integrating the physical and online aspects. This fascinating customer experience includes simplified and interactive engagement with Exclusive Manufaktur parts, providing brand education on the ability to ‘Build Your Own’ Porsche through individualized configurator options. The emphasis on personalization highlights the key aspect that enables a differentiated and branded customer experience.

Into the Metaverse: Virtual Influencer Creation

To realize Porsche’s 360 brand experience strategy and manifest their brand purpose, “Driven by Dreams,” in the Metaverse, Porsche partnered with Labbrand Group for extensive interviews and research. This aimed to uncover emotional drivers and brand image projection among young audiences, while validating the findings through market analysis. The outcome was a localized brand essence tailored to Chinese consumers yet consistent with Porsche’s global markets. This was achieved by combining consumer insights with the brand’s vision, resulting in the definition and development of three potential directions for a localized virtual influencer characters in a co-creation workshop with the Porsche team.

Play Time is On: Porsche Card Battle Game Development

As Generation Z transitions into adulthood, their potential to reshape industries garners significant attention. With a focus on innovation and transformation, Porsche aimed to gain a deeper understanding of future innovation possibilities, particularly from the perspective of Gen Z. The Porsche Card Battle Game, a mobile gaming experience, bridges the gap between young enthusiasts and the essence of Porsche.

Through extensive research into the digital lifestyle of Gen Z, the team derived insights into user preferences and values, subsequently informing the creative art direction and game prototype. In-depth interviews were conducted with mobile gamers and car owners to collect preliminary feedback, identify current needs in the Chinese game market, evaluate the added value of the concept to the Porsche brand, and identify opportunities for digital touchpoints enhancement.

The Value Created through Innovation and Transformation

In collaboration with the Porsche Innovation China team, these three projects were recognized as the only non-German initiatives in the Porsche AG innovation portfolio. Porsche China successfully developed and implemented innovative products and services that delivered value to its customers, dealers, and brand.