Brand Enactment

Legacy for a New Era

Lanvin Group Brand Rejuvenation

The Opportunity in Front

Fosun Fashion Group, the global luxury fashion group, is rebranding to “Lanvin Group”. Labbrand worked with Lanvin Group to create a new brand identity that would represent the Group’s commitment to innovation and build a global portfolio of luxury fashion brands.
Lanvin, founded in 1889, is the oldest operating French luxury fashion house, recognized globally for its iconic heritage and timeless designs. By adopting the globally recognizable Lanvin brand as the Group’s new name, Labbrand was able to tap into the entrepreneurial spirit of the brand’s founder, Jeanne Lanvin, and create a strategic design solution that would communicate both the brand’s heritage and its determination to be an innovator in the luxury market.

The Journey from Insights to Impact

Labbrand’s journey with Lanvin Group began with an audit and research phase, during which we conducted extensive research into the brand’s history, heritage, and values and the luxury fashion market to identify key trends and insights that would inform the design strategy. From there, we developed a brand concept and identity that embodied the sophisticated essence of the Lanvin Wordmark while advancing with a culture of inclusivity and diversity under a shared platform. The modulated sans-serif design we created was crafted with respect to heritage and adaptive to modern media, pioneering new standards as the first global luxury fashion group originated from China. The rebrand was officially unveiled by Lanvin Group in December 2021 and has received positive feedback from both industry experts and consumers alike.

Value Created Through Brand Enactment

The new brand identity created by Labbrand for Lanvin Group presents a significant opportunity for the Group to establish a strong and recognizable brand in the global luxury fashion market. Strategically using the Lanvin brand as its new name, the Group echos the heritage and legacy of the brand’s founder, while also signaling its commitment to innovation and forward-thinking. The result was a new brand identity that celebrates the Group’s inclusive and diverse ecosystem and invigorates heritage brands, nurtures talents, and fosters ingenious ideas.

“It was a pleasant and inspirational process working with the Labbrand team, for their insightful understanding of the world that Lanvin Group is operating in, precise capture of our vision and positioning, as well as their ability to translate that into a visual system that can speak to our audiences around the globe.”
David Chan
Executive President of Lanvin Group