Brand Positioning

Pain Point

What if we see brands as game changers for the world and society, then Brand Positioning is the idea and action they commit to bring to life for the world and society.

What is Brand Positioning?

A Brand Positioning answers 4 key questions for my brand:

  1. What value bring: benefits and emotions that I will commit to deliver consistently to my customers?
  1. What beliefs define myself: that vision unites me with my teams around a common mission and compels my customers to become active advocates.
  1. What is my personality: how does the interaction with my brand feel like for my customers?
  1. What universe do I create: moments of the day, situations with friends and family, places that my brand represents and idealizes for its customers.

What is a good example of Brand Positioning?

NIKE’s Brand Positioning is a great example:

  1. What value does NIKE bring: Delivers high performance sport gear value.
  1. What beliefs define NIKE: Promotes a vision of pushing limits, “Just Do It”
  1. What is NIKE personality: Feel like an easygoing team more than can turn into a passionate coach.
  1. What universe does NIKE create: Creates the universe of victory and overcoming. (Nikes means victory in Greek)

How is Brand Positioning different from Business Positioning?  

A Brand Positioning differs from a Business Positioning that answers the question of

  • Who are my customers?
  • What is my price positioning?
  • How do I compete in the market?

How can it help with your enterprise transformation and why is it important to your company?

A good brand positioning provides clarity and actionability to the enterprise towards its transformation goals:


Align its teams and customers towards a vision that impacts the world and society.


Accelerate innovation and consumer centricity with the focus on its value.

In a changing world, a brand positioning is set to be more dynamic, or at least brand positioning needs to be reinterpreted by its leaders to fit a variety of situations.

It is important for your company to embrace Brand Positioning as a living compass to navigate changing environments.